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Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, EAM, Yoga, and Menopausal Health Therapies in Horsham.

Welcome to Christine Richards Therapies

I am Christine Richards, The Magical Hormone Mentor and an expert in hormonal health from fertility through the perimenopausal stage of life, menopause and beyond. I specialise in Gut Health, Stress Relief, Relaxation and Energy Alignment Method in Horsham, Southwater, Storrington, Henfield, Worthing and surrounding areas of West Sussex. I also now offer my programmes online and in group settings.

I only realised the importance of gut health when I was going through my own very challenging journey of menopause. This experience opened my eyes on a deeper level and to the importance of natural hormone health. As a result I have made it my mission to empower women holistically through self-awareness and living a healthier life, filled with natural energy, sleeping well, feeling calmer with confidence and vitality.

Did you know that 10% of women going through the menopause stages of life leave their job as they find their perimenopausal symptoms so challenging in the workplace?

If this is you, then I'd love to have a chat to show you how it doesn't have to be like this and by working with your body holistically, you can help to rebalance and harmonise your body's hormones so you sleep well, feel more empowered to live life full of confidence and vitality. Please click here to message me to arrange a 30 minute free chat.

I am the creator of the 3 month programme, "Rebalance: Enjoy Living a Magical Life". This online programme helps women to regain their life by addressing issues caused by an imbalance in hormones, stress, lack of sleep and anxiety so they can feel resilient, empowered, patient and calm in their everyday life.

My training and experience enables me to treat you as an individual and prepare a separate treatment plan to suit your particular needs and requirements.

Reflexology and Indian Head Massage

Reflexology and Indian Head Massage are complementary or holistic therapies which means they treat the whole body, not just the physical symptoms of illness or disease. Therefore they are suitable for people of all ages for both relaxation, as well as treating stress-related disorders, hormonal issues, perimenopausal issues and other conditions or illnesses.

Functional Reflex Therapy

The Functional Reflex Therapy framework for Reflexology is an enjoyable and beneficial whole experience, designed for children and adults with autism, autistic spectrum disorders, learning difficulties, neurological impairment, challenging behaviours and complex health needs.

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The primary intention of this positive touch therapy is to encourage relaxation 'in the moment' where regular sessions may reduce stress and anxiety : relieve tension : help improve mood : encourage social interaction : increase receptiveness. and generally support individual well being and help those receiving the therapy to prepare for ongoing activities.

Energy Alignment Method or EAM

The Energy Alignment Method is the only Energy Psychology process designed to get you Living the Law Of Attraction. Our mission is to enable more people to understand how to be happy and change your life. It is a bridge between Eastern & Western Principles, there is a deep basis in eastern spiritual principles, universal laws, therapeutic methods and energy work and it is based on modern research into quantum physics, neuroscience and neurocardiology.

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The Energy Alignment Method is a speedy, effective 5 step process to shift your energy into a coherent energy state.

This coherent energy state is known as flow, you’ve probably hear people talk about flow. The state of flow or alignment actually creates changes on a physiological, psychological and energetic levels of our experience.

Yoga in West Sussex

The term 'Yoga' means different things to different people. There are also many different styles or forms of yoga and while some are inferred that they are best, original or most effective, there is absolutely no correct or incorrect sequence or style of yoga. Different styles or sequences of yoga are more effective for some men or women than others and are also effective in certain life situations or in terms of health.

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Yoga is a combination of movement (asanas and/or flowing sequences of asanas), breathing (pranayama), meditation/ mindfulness/ relaxation (savasana or yoga nidra), hand gestures (mudras). A yoga class can combine all of these or just one or two, including moving with the breath in a flow movement sequence.

It is a form of mind body soul practice, performed on a chair or on a mat on the floor that can help relieve stress and improve mental wellbeing. It can help improve strength, fitness and flexibility and is suitable for everyone from the very young to the very old.

You do not have to be strong or flexible to do yoga, just have a will to try it.

Where I Can Help

As a natural health practitioner and mentor, I specialise in working with women who have hormonal issues, such as

Fertility Issues



Post-menopausal issues

I am a professionally trained Reflexologist having over 18 years of experience in Reflexology for couples with fertility issues, Maternity Reflexology and Reflexology for Menopausal symptoms. I work in Horsham, Worthing, Storrington and surrounding areas of West Sussex. I can also offer online programmes to help with various hormonal symptoms, if this is suitable for you.

Health and Nutrition Programs

If you answer 'yes' to any of these questions then it's time to look into what you're putting on and into your body:

  • Do you feel bloated much of the time?
  • Do you get indigestion, heart burn or pain after eating?
  • Do you crave sugary foods, chocolate, crisps or other foods?
  • Do you carry excess weight around your middle?
  • Are you putting on weight, even though you're not eating more than you have done before?
  • Do you have aches and pains that don't seem to go away?

If you would like to address these issues, have tried most 'diets' and are still struggling, then please click here . We regularly run webinars and programmes to show you why these issues may be a part of your life and how to combat them naturally and easily.

Watch this video to understand the benefits of Body Prime.

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Get in touch

Contact me if you would like to have a chat about any of the therapies I offer, or to book a session.

I ask for 24-hours notice of cancellation prior to an appointment or regrettably there may be a charge of 50%.

* Please give notice by telephone, not email. Thank you.

My Location

The areas I cover as a reflexologist and natural health practitioner offering Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Energy Alignment, Health & Nutritional Advice and Yoga are Horsham, Southwater, Partridge Green, Henfield, Steyning, Worthing, Ashington, Billingshurst, Shipley, Storrington and Bognor Regis.

I will travel outside a 10 mile radius of Dial Post but I may have to include a small extra charge, unless there are two or more clients in the same area. Please click here for details.

Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Energy Alignment Method, Nutritional Support and Yoga .


  • First Session including consultation (up to 90 mins) - £75
  • Subsequent Session (45 - 60 mins) - £68
  • Hand Reflexology (20-40 mins) - £60
  • Child under 12 years (Max 40 mins) - £60
  • Functional Reflex Therapy (Max 30 mins) - £60
  • Vertical Reflexology Therapy (20-30 mins) - £60

NB: When VRT is used within a full reflexology session, it is included in the price of the normal session.

Indian Head Massage
  • First Session including consultation (Up to 60 mins) - £65
  • Subsequent Sessions (Approx 40 mins) - £60
Energy Alignment Method
  • Session (90 minutes) - £120.00

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